North American 
Transportation Consultants Inc. 

Welcome to NATC
North American Transportation Consultants, Inc. (NATC) is unique in the transportation and safety consulting fields.  We provide a varied and comprehensive line of services to all aspects of the transportation industry, including law enforcement agencies.

NATC, its employees and associates work hard to: 
  • Protect both the general public and our clients from exposure to unnecessary liability and/or danger 
  • Assist both the transportation industry and regulators in their efforts to establish the safest possible transportation systems through compliance 
  • Provide information of value to all parties involved in the transportation industry in a timely and reasonable manner.
This mission is accomplished through the cooperation of dedicated shippers, carriers, associations, federal / state regulators and our experienced / innovative staff.

Our website is intended to provide valuable information and assistance to carriers, shippers, regulators, and other professionals or interested parties involved in the transportation industry.  If you discover the value of NATC, as well as our information during your travel through our site, then our efforts have been twice as successful. We encourage you to contact our offices with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for your interest in our company and Welcome! 

NATC is proud to provide superior quality training sessions to educate our clients on HM-183 and HM-126F. Please see the announcements below or contact our offices for more information. 

HM-183 RI Certification Training
HM-126F Training 
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