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Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

Under this program, individual carriers are monitored for a twelve month period.  Once the carrier's information has been provided to NATC, an initial review of our databases and those of regulatory agencies is performed. Information concerning the carrier such as current DOT safety rating, previous enforcement actions, fines paid, accident and hazardous material incident information, and other pertinent facts are provided to the client. Formal reporting is made to the client on a quarterly basis and includes notation of changes in each of the carrier’s record since the last report.

Each carrier is monitored monthly and once
NATC receives information concerning a decrease in the carrier’s safety rating or other information deemed to be important, it is expeditiously relayed to the client.

Under this program individual carriers may be submitted for an initial evaluation and single report only.  This service is extremely useful for pre-qualifying primary and carriers by shippers to assist in determining liability issues.