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Transportation Consultants Inc. 

Education General Information


NATC's transportation education curriculum run from three (3) hours to five (5) days, depending on the scope of the materials to be covered. The courses are typically comprised of audio/visual aids, classroom instruction and hands-on training.

All of our programs are known for the signature interactive nature of the program and the practical application of the material by instructors who know the subject matter thoroughly.

The level of training provided through each of our training programs is designed to provide a specific level of competency to those attending. Our General Awareness and General Subject Training are designed to provide an overall review and discussion of the topic. Our Function Specific Training and dedicated programs are designed to provide the attendees with a level of core competency necessary for them to perform the specific job(s) assigned to them. 

NATC also has detailed training programs designed to immerse the attendee in the subject matter and provide specific information concerning the background of the subject, as well as the tools and skills necessary to manage a subject area. The level of training provided is dependent upon the needs of the client. You may obtain additional information on one of the specific training areas provided, by clicking on the appropriate button to the left.

The material contained within this section of our web site is intended to give you a general feeling for the training materials, programs and subjects which have been covered by NATC and its instructors to date. If your company has training requirements which deal with transportation issues or the handling of HazMat that you do not see covered here, contact our company to discuss if we can assist you. Go to the Contact Us Tab to contact us directly or you may call 609-426-0555.


Transportation Industry

In the private sector, NATC reviews each client’s training needs on an individual basis. Depending on the situation, we may write and prepare entire programs, update or modify existing ones. NATC also conducts seminars or training sessions sponsored/co-sponsored by transportation industry associations, educational institutions and client in-house training departments.

Over the past several years, our clients have improved driver attitude and achieved accident reduction goals through the use of NATC personnel at company safety meetings with drivers and other operational employees.

  • Driver selection and qualification, attitude improvement, hours of service and other training issues;
  • Vehicle maintenance, record keeping and inspection procedures;
  • Brake adjustments and certifications;
  • Accident prevention. 
Hazardous Materials
  • Shipping paper preparation and product identification;
  • Proper material handling procedures;
  • Cargo tank compliance and inspection including HM-183;
  • Regulatory review and update;
  • Emergency response procedures;
  • HazMat Training for Safe Transportation - HM-126F. 
Law Enforcement
NATC has trained officers and agents of numerous federal and state regulatory agencies throughout the country. Our instructional programs and supplementary materials embrace all aspects of transportation safety and hazardous materials enforcement (including such details as the specifications of all 22 classes/divisions of hazardous and other restricted materials), authorized packaging, placarding, cargo tank compliance and HazMat training.