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Carrier Review

Carrier Review

North American Transportation Consultants, Inc. (NATC) is very proud of our Carrier Review Division. It was one of the first complete programs used by national shippers to identify, screen and track carriers utilized by them, for the transportation of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.  This division offers a full range of services to both carriers and shippers.

NATC Carrier Review and Information Program (CRIP) provides on-site evaluations and ratings of carriers. This program is designed to accomplish two distinct goals during the on-site visit, which are an overall improvement of carrier compliance and verification of specific areas during the review. Click on the CRIP button to the left for more information on this program.

NATC Monitoring Service deals with specific groups of carriers used by your company to transport its products. Through this program, carriers are researched and evaluated for safety issues by NATC. Agreed to information is forwarded directly to our client for their review and action.This economical service allows shippers and others to track one or more carriers throughout the year without wasting limited in-house resources. Click on the Monitoring Services button to the left for more information on this program.

The services offered through our Carrier Review Division providethird-party protection to both shippers and carriers alike.

Both the Database and Misc. Service provide valuable information concerning compliance programs for you and your company.